If you are looking to have a custom airplane model made you are at the right place.

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- FLYTELine Models is a Boeing Licensed Manufacturer -

Airplane Custom Models offers an assortment of branded FlyteLine Models and MyDIO Modeling Kits & Accessories as well as an array of aircraft model manufacturing services for individual collectors or the corporate sector.


Custom Mahogany Models

Having a hard time finding a model of that special aircraft you've always wanted? In some cases its never been made! Individual collectors can now easily order the model of their choice and Airplane Custom will build it for you. These models are totally handcrafted by skilled master craftsmen from start to finish. They come with metal upright and wood base for desktop presentation. These models make great gifts, especially for aircraft owners, students taking their first solo flights, or airline pilots moving to retirement. Use this link to enter our store and view some samples, see the building process and learn how to order your custom model.

FLYTELine Brand

Superior quality snap-fit plastic and resin display models. These models have printed graphics so there are no decals to fade or peel over time, with authentic airline colors and markings.

FlyteLine Models also offers a unique new line of collectible Crystal Glass Gift Sets. These sets include commercial aircraft designed and cut from high quality optical crystal. Each collectible model comes in their own gift box with numbered registration and Certificate of Authenticity.

MyDIO Brand

FlyteLine Models manufacturers a unique line of model building accessories. Among these are their MyDIO Model Kits. These may be used by collectors of aviation or railroad memorabilia to create their own unique dioramic displays of their favorite aircraft or trains to display upon your desk or shelf. But, the MyDIO Kits can go much further than that! Using patented MID Technology exclusively offered by Airplane Custom, these kits can give snap-fit airplane models the appearance of being in free flight! It certainly beats a plastic display stand! Be certain to check out the MyDIO Product line.

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